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V annual conference and exhibition “Downstream Russia 2019” will be held at “Riviera” – deluxe hotel in Kazan city centre.

Kazan’s “Riviera” hotel – is the trademark of the right bank of Kazanka river. “Riviera” hotel is the tallest building in Kazan that can be seen practically from any point of the city.

Riviera hotel is represented by 210 comfortable rooms of various categories but equally cozy and attractive in terms of design. Whether it is an inexpensive Comfort-room or luxurious Presidential your stay in Kazan promises to be carefree and easy. What a pleasure it is to sink in a milk-white interior of your room feeling the taste of bitter chocolate when looking at exquisite Italian furniture! Or when saying goodbye to a withdrawing day admiring the Kremlin from a panoramic window, standing barefoot on a warm sea-sand colored carpet and catching the breath of the evening city…

Kazan’s “Riviera” hotel will provide you with a wonderful relaxation in its rooms. After visiting entertainment events or seeing the sights of Kazan you will always get a good relaxation in hotel rooms. Besides, the hotel itself can offer you a wonderful recreation – visit to a hotel restaurant, fitness-club, beauty salon and the cinema. Recreation in the most European hotel of Kazan is an excellent way of spending your time in the city.