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Analytical materials

The analytics report on petrochemical industry in the Republic of Bashkortostan

The analytics report includes key figures of the industry, growth drivers and challenges, national support measures, investment potential of the region as well as the overview of ongoing and planned investment projects of O&G industry in the republic.

Report on the Construction and Modernisation of Oil Refineries, Gas Processing Plants and Petrochemical Facilities

An annual report devoted to the Russian downstream industry. The report is based on analysis of respondents’ views and opinions, and traces the present-day trends, challenges, and opportunities of this significant economic segment.

Top-10 oil refining enterprises

In this report you will find detailed information about the largest refineries in Russia and their processing capacities, along with planned programs for modernisation and capacity expansion.

The report on the outcomes of Downstream 2019

The outcomes of the 5th Anniversary Conference and Onsite Visits Downstream Russia 2019: construction and modernisation of oil refineries, gas processing and petrochemical plants

Programmes for Modernizing the 10 Largest Gas Processing Plants in Russia

This report contains detailed insights on Russia’s largest gas processing and gas chemical plants and their processing capacities, along with planned programmes for modernisation and capacity expansion.