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Investment projects

Modernisation of Astrakhan gas processing plant, a branch of Gazprom Pererabotka

To expand the range of end products and improve their quality characteristics, a lot of measures are to be implemented.

First, the measures imply technical re-equipment and reconstruction of outdated technologies, development of design solutions for constructing new production facilities, buildings, structures, technological units, and introduction of new equipment. It is planned to modernise the entire plant water management system, to introduce modern methods of purification and disinfection of water and wastewater, to reuse treated wastewater in industrial water supply systems. The expansion of production capacities for processing gas condensate will increase the output of commercial products in the form of gasoline and diesel fuel by about 25%.

The introduction of additional capacities for “dry” sulfur granulation, including modern mechanised complexes for loading sulfur, will allow the company to maintain its leading positions in the sulfur market.

Construction of a delayed coking unit at Moscow Refinery

Delayed coking technologies will allow the company to expand the possibilities of final processing of heavy oil fractions. Also, thanks to such modern technologies, Moscow Refinery will be able to increase the output of automobile fuel for the market of the Moscow region and start production of petroleum coke used in the metallurgical industry.

Construction of Amur Gas Chemical Complex

In July 2021, the overall progress of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex construction project reached 19.5%.

Work is carried out at all key facilities of the complex – a pyrolysis plant, polymer plants, general plant facilities, a logistics complex. The construction of a unit for the production of reinforced concrete piles is in progress, which already produces finished products – 396 piles have been manufactured for the construction of general plant facilities.

The Amur Gas Chemical Complex will process ethane releasing monomers with the subsequent production of polyethylene, which is in demand on the Russian and world markets.

Modernisation of Kyrgyz Petroleum Company

To bring the company’s products into compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union, it is necessary to carry out a complete reconstruction of the plant. It became known during the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Ravshan Sabirov to the facility.

Earlier, the company announced a tender for the development of a feasibility study for the modernisation of Kyrgyz Petroleum Company oil refinery.

The plant is engaged in production of petroleum products and other feedstock and provides oil refining services. At the moment, the company produces three types of products: Ai-80 gasoline, diesel, fuel oil. The plant is capable of processing 500 thousand tonnes of oil per year.

Modernisation of Orsknefteorgsintez

According to the project, the complex will include 12 units. The main one will be the delayed coking unit. The region will receive more than 150 additional jobs. First of all, the labour resources of the eastern Orenburg region will be involved. The project implementation will allow to establish the production of light oil products from heavy residues and increase the depth of oil refining.

After the implementation of the project, ONOS will be one of the most advanced and high-tech production facilities in the Russian Federation. This will also provide the Orenburg Region with high-quality fuel for many years to come.

Modernisation of Bukhara oil refinery

The company has announced the modernisation of Bukhara oil refinery. The three-phase project implies reaching the design capacity of processing 2.5 million tonnes of oil and gas condensate and

producing 1.2 million tonnes of Euro-5 gasoline, 200 thousand tonnes of jet fuel, 750 thousand tonnes of diesel fuel and 30 thousand tonnes of fuel oil annually.


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