Prosoft-Systems Ltd (Yekaterinburg, Russia) is an experienced developer and manufacturer of software and hardware products for industrial automation systems. Over a period of 25 years, the company has established itself as a reliable creator of thousands of technical projects. Manufactured products and integrated systems of Prosoft-Systems have been installed at site facilities of the major power, oil-and-gas, and industrial companies in Russia and CIS countries.

Prosoft-Systems has its own factory providing manufacturing space of over 12 000 m2. Highly qualified R&D center, multifunctional full-scale manufacturing facilities, and solid experience make it possible for the company to fulfil the customers’ requirements while working with the unique projects: from designing of a single product to full range of services for serial orders. Prosoft-Systems company is able to provide a wide range of engineering services. The technical support delivery professional and timely assistance.

Solutions offered by the company in the field of process automation are based on the line of programmable logic controllers REGUL RX00. The series includes REGUL R500S PLC for the safety systems rated up to SIL3 level. The automation systems for power industries are designed with ARIS, a system designed for digital substations and grids. The company also develops software and SCADA products for system operating.


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