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The company produces phenol, acetone, synthetic ethylene propylene rubber, polyethylene high- and low-density polyethylene, polypropylene.


Plant’s capacity comprises about 6 MTPA. The facility processes straight-run gasoline fraction from all Bashneft’s plants in Ufa and produces almost 60 varieties of products.

Bashneft – Ufa Oil Refinery (UNPZ)

Ufa Oil Refinery is one of the oldest refineries in Russia. It produces gasoline, diesel fuel, residual oil, technical sulphur.


Bashneft-Novoil produces all varieties of unblended motor gasoline; jet fuel; diesel fuel; heating residual oil; motor, transmission, industrial and hydraulic oils; feedstock for technical carbon; construction, roof and road bitumen.

Orenburg Gas Processing Plant

The plant is equipped with: nine commercial gas units, seven gas sulphur units, three condensate stabilisation units.

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