Onsite Visit to Afipka NPZ

Afipka NPZ is one of the largest oil refineries in Russia. Today production process consists of two crude oil distillation units with overall capacity of 6.25 million tonnes of oil per annum, the complex of residual oil vacuum distillation and tar visbreaking including three technological units: residual oil vacuum distillation, tar visbreaking and free sulphur production with granulating block, and off-site facilities.

The oil is supplied by both railways and Transneft’s pipelines in two ways.

Mid-term development concept has been established for the refinery. The concept implies the number of technological facilities:

- The first phase: completion of hydro cracking unit building, construction of off-site facilities, deep conversion complex, crude oil distillation complex, gasoline stabilizer unit, included in the deep conversion complex.

- The second phase implies deep conversion complex facilities construction: delayed coking unit, coking distillate treatment unit, amine regeneration unit, sour water stripping unit, modernisation of hydro cracking unit.


• Phase 1 – 2022;
• Phase 2 – 2023.

Completion of Phase 1 will allow to increase the output of light petroleum products significantly, especially class 5 diesel fuel (sulphur content not exceeding 10 ppm).

Outcomes of Phase 2: deeper oil refining compared to the best industry figures (over 98%), further growing of light petroleum products’ share, almost complete cessation of fuel oil production (only for inhouse needs).

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