FESCO Transportation Group

About the company

FESCO is one of the leading public transportation and logistics companies in Russia with an extensive experience in the transportation of goods by all modes of transport, using own assets and integrated logistics. Company’s assets contains fleet of multifunctional ships, port facilities in Vladivostok, diversified rolling-stock, and large fleet of ISO containers.

FESCO Projects provides end-to-end logistics solutions to major industries:

∙ Safe transportation of heavy and oversized cargo
∙ Consulting at the pre-feasibility stage ∙ Route survey and study of transportation feasibility
∙ Engineering and construction support of logistics projects
∙ Erection and installation of heavy equipment on site.

Eurasia’s unique combination of maritime, railway, automobile services, as well as port and stevedore services, combined into a single logistics solution.


115184, Moscow city, Novokuznetskaya str., building 7/11, p. 1

+7 (800) 23-444-99



Олег Мельников

Исполнительный Вице Президент - начальник Департамента банковского сопровождения контрактов

Игорь Смирнов

Заместитель начальника Департамента банковского сопровождения контрактов

Владимир Валягин

Начальник Управления по сопровождению нефтегазовых контрактов Департамента банковского сопровождения контрактов

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