Onsite visit to Nizhnekamsk All Steel Tires Plant

Info for the participants of the onsite visit to Nizhnekamsk All Steel Tires Plant Ltd. The delegations of the 5th anniversary conference and a series of onsite visits “Downstream Russia 2019”

КАМА TYRES, Tatneft Tyre Manufacture is a modern Russian tyre manufacturing complex with optimised product and service portfolio. Today the company is a renowned expert in the production of tyres for Russian roads and climate.

КАМА TYRES releases high quality tyres for all types of motor vehicles: passenger cars, light trucks, lorries, buses, and trolley-buses, farming and special-purpose vehicles. The company has an outstanding production capacity – almost one-quarter of all tyres released in Russia are manufactured by KAMA TYRES. The produce of the complex is demanded in all Russian regions and in 48 countries across the globe.

Tatneft Tyre Complex is one of the key drivers for the development of Russian modern highly technological manufacture and service of solid metal cord tyres which comply with global quality standards. Today KAMA TYRES produces high quality solid metal cord tyres under KAMA brand, and also renders services for the recovery of tyres at its own plant.

Nizhnekamsk Solid Steel Cord Tire Factory is a truly unique enterprise for production of SSC-tyres, which was added to the tyre production complex of JSC Tatneft in 2009. The works design capacity is 1,2m tyres per annum. The project aims at meeting a growing demand among the domestic automakers for the tyres of a modern design. SSC tyres are characterised by their wearing qualities and eco-friendliness. The project commenced in January 2007. A German company, one of the world’s leaders in the production of SSC tyres, was selected as a strategic partner. The factory was put into operation in April 2010. The first tyres were released in December 2015. In December 2015 the factory reached the nameplate capacity.

KAMA SSC tyres are among most advanced products on the Russian tyre market. KAMA SSC tyres were developed according to the technology of the German leader of production. The unique composition of a rubber blend on the basis of natural rubber and steel-cord carcass ensures the long running life, high strength, and fuel efficiency.

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