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Onsite visit to Astrakhan GPP

Onsite Visit to Astrakhan GPP, branch of Gazprom Pererabotka, March 4, 2022

Astrakhan GPP is one of the largest producers of sulphur gas in Russia, located on the territory of the Astrakhan gas condensate field. Key activities: processing of gas and gas condensate, production of commercial goods, stabilisation of gas condensate, purification of associated water before injecting into underground formations.

To date, the company is developing a modernisation project involving a whole range of measures. Investment projects planned for implementation include:

Additional capacities of "dry" sulphur granulation, including modern mechanised loading complexes

Project goal is the construction of additional capacities for "dry" granulation of sulphur and a mechanised complex for loading sulphur into rail and road transport

Reconstruction of power supply, water supply and sewerage facilities

The project is aimed at the upgrading of the entire water management system of the plant, the use of modern water and wastewater purification and disinfection methods, the reuse of treated wastewater in industrial water supply systems. Reconstruction of power supply facilities to ensure round-the-clock full-functional operation of the power supply system

Reconstruction of key technological facilities of Astrakhan GPP

The project has the goal to re-equip and reconstruct obsolete technologies/technical units, structures, physically worn-out equipment, automation and control instrumentation, power supply systems, pumping and compressor equipment, buildings, technological units and introduce new equipment. This will allow to increase gasoline and diesel fuel production up to 25%

Reconstruction of Astrakhan GPP’s technological installations

The purpose of the project is to replace obsolete and physically worn-out equipment, to bring it up to modern regulatory requirements to prevent shutdowns and emergencies at the operating production facilities of Astrakhan GPP

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