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Stability is essential. Surgutneftegas intends to maintain oil output in 2018 at about 61 mtpa

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Surgutneftegas has been maintaining oil production level steady in recent years.

As a reminder, 2016 registered growth of Surgutneftegas crude output by 0,4% totaling 61.849 m t.

The company expects to maintain this trend in the future.

Most of Surgutneftegas fields are old and long-standing ones, which gives no reason to hope for explosive growth.

The company anticipates further development in Eastern Siberia with loads of new fields discovered.

Surgutneftegas has been sticking to the trend of even gain in reserves at large for 10 years already.

Current yield is covered by a 10-20% gain in reserves ensuring company’s stability.

However, the reserves quality is all downhill, which implies more efforts to produce them.


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