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Omsk refinery has started the production of eco-friendly marine fuels

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Omsk refinery has produced the first batch of new marine fuel with improved ecological performance. Due to the minimum sulphur content, not exceeding 0,1%, – the product is adequate for emission control zones, defined by the international convention MARPOL. The certificate of compliance with ECC technical regulations.

The refinery intends to ship up to 50 k t of new marine fuel till the end of the year. The market potential is estimated at 158 k tpa of fuel. The new fuel will be operated by Gazpromneft Marine Fuel.

The experts of Omsk refinery developed the technology of low-sulphur marine fuel production from VGO by means of cat cracking in 2016. The recipe of the new grade includes the additive, reducing the yield temperature and preventing waxing. The production of new fuel is now possible due to the project for reconstruction of commodity production facilities, carried out within the Omsk refinery modernisation programme. Project investment totalled 200m RUB.



About 14,000 tons of benzene exported from Atyrau refinery

By Kamila Aliyeva Atyrau oil refinery became the first in Kazakhstan to supply benzene – a raw material for petrochemicals – for export, Kazinform reported. “In the past 2017, as many as 8,951 tons of benzene or 104 percent of the planned amount was produced. Since the beginning of the production of benzene, up to…

Stability is essential. Surgutneftegas intends to maintain oil output in 2018 at about 61 mtpa

Surgutneftegas has been maintaining oil production level steady in recent years. As a reminder, 2016 registered growth of Surgutneftegas crude output by 0,4% totaling 61.849 m t. The company expects to maintain this trend in the future. Most of Surgutneftegas fields are old and long-standing ones, which gives no reason to hope for explosive growth….

Gazprom neft’s Moscow oil refinery has certified compliance with international standards

Moscow oil refinery has successfully passed examination on international standards compliance in the field of quality, occupational health, safety and ecology. The recertification audit of integrated plant management system was held on 4 through to 11 December 2017. The audit featured inspection of the following facilities: – all subdivisions of Moscow refinery; – technology units;…